1. Case Study

The Client: A pioneer in the Indian beverage industry, this company has been creating innovative products and iconic brands since 1985. This is arguably the first beverage organization in India, to introduce the ‘one – way packaging’ with the concept of TetraPak with its products. The company introduced Frooti and Appy to the Indian market.


2. Case Study

The Client : An IT Service Company That Ranks among the top 25 companies in India.

The Challenge: During the first wave and second wave of Covid 19, a significant number of TA team members were temporarily unavailable because of corona infections. However there was an acute need for maintaining targeted resources to meet project requirements. There was a demand for onboarding across various projects.


3. Case Study

About the Client: An IT service company that ranks among the top 10 IT service companies in India. Valued at USD 5.2 billion as per latest estimate the company boasts of over 145,000 employees across 90 countries. Headquartered at Pune, the company offers IT solutions and consultancy services.

Challenge : The company offered the dual challenge of deployment of Liferay developers for one of its clients who needed to backfill immediate workforce to execute a critical project. The company also needed to backfill the position of PEGA PRPC architect and was to be closed.


4. Case Study

About the Client: An International brand dedicated to developing Telecommunication Solutions that is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Challenge: Having created delivery centers in Singapore and Dubai, they were exploring the setting up of a delivery center in India( as most of the technical staff for Dubai and Singapore is sourced from India). The client wanted to do a feasibility study and needed a partner to help set up the delivery center.