Life At Sigma Careers

Sigma Careers was started with the intention of bridging the gap between HR demand in companies and finding high-end job offers for appropriate candidates in 2011. Since then SIgma has been successfully catering to clients across the globe delivering turn-key solutions in the staffing niche.

Sigma strives to create the perfect work-life ambience for its employees. Here is what our employees and co-workers have to say about us.

“ Sigma is a large company but has the warmth of a small company. The value system of this company has helped me believe in myself and grow as a professional.”
– Executive director hiring.

“ The company has a healthy ecosystem and offers benefits and influences, motivates, and helps employees and leaders perform better.”
– HR manager.


Hiring Manager

" Working at Sigma has genuinely been a life-changing influence for me."

IT Hiring Specialist

" The company works across all major verticals with stress on IT services. My journey in Sigma has been a positive experience."